Our AI has crafted a plan to raise the standard of education in India

Master Plan

Using data from the District Information System for Education we have developed a plan that will improve the Indian education system and reduce the national dropout rate.

We found that amenities that most likely correlate with school performance include:

  1. Schools with Head Master Room
  2. Schools with Computer & Internet
  3. Schools with Electricity

Using a trained linear regression model, new dropout rates were predicted for each state as each of the above amenities were increased so that they were standard features of every school. The new predicted rate for each state was lower in all but 4 of the states. The national average decreased by 13.67 percent

Our Hypothesis

When teachers collaborate, students academically improve. All three of the above amenities can be used by teachers to collaborate. Electricity powers one of the best resources to collaborate, the internet. Head masters help teachers cooperate by setting academic goals and policies for the institution. This plan attempts to maximize the tools for collaboration and predict its effect on students


National Dropout rate average: 17.05%

States with the highest dropout rates:

State Dropout Rate (2015)
Odisha 29.56%
Tripura 28.42%
Assam 27.06%
Karnataka 26.18%
Bihar 25.90%

Suggested improvements to facilities:

  1. Increase the number of Head master’s room and head masters to 100%
  2. Increase schools the number of schools with electricity access to 100%
  3. Increase schools the number of schools with Computers and Internet access to 100%

Expected Results

National Dropout rate average: 14.72%

Percent change of National Dropout rate average: -13.67%

New expected dropout rates from the states with the highest current dropout rate:

State Expected Dropout Rate Percent change from 2015
Odisha 23.16% -21.65%
Tripura 21.78% -23.36%
Assam 18.58% -31.34%
Karnataka 22.24% -15.05%
Bihar 17.57% -32.16%


From the results it appears increasing tools for teacher collaboration improves school completion rate. These results seem to be in line with a study out of the University of Michigan that found, “teacher collaboration is associated with increased levels of student achievement” (Goddard 891).

A more detailed report can be found here